Admissions at Ridge RTC

Welcome to our scenic 350-acre wooded NH campus, as well as our lakeside coastal Maine campus, home to Ridge RTC – a program designed to help teens who need therapeutic assessment and extra support. Our goal is to help teens develop the coping skills they need to thrive. We prioritize therapy, structure, and supervision, and minimize distractions to create a nurturing and caring environment.

Our program is perfect for teens who require intense support beyond the norm. Ready to learn more about how we can help your teen on their mental health journey? Get in touch with us now!

We’re Here For You

If your teen requires intensive support beyond what can be provided at home, school, or a traditional residential setting, Ridge RTC is here to help. Our admissions office can help you and your child begin the journey to health and wholeness.

First, we may begin with an introductory call, during which you’ll get a quick rundown of our program and its fees from one of our Admissions Specialists. You can also clear up any doubts you may have about the program during this call. To get a better understanding of your child’s situation, we’ll also ask some initial questions about presenting problems, background, and overarching concerns.

If the initial call piques your interest, we’ll schedule a second call with the Admissions Director to assess if Ridge RTC’s program is a good fit for your teen.


As a part of Altior Healthcare, Ridge RTC is committed to making our services available and accessible to all those who need our help. As such, we work with insurance carriers to make sure your family has the option to use your insurance benefits for treatment here at Ridge RTC.


Contact Us For Assessment

If your teen is struggling with mental health concerns, you are not alone. Countless parents have found themselves in the same position, wondering what they can possibly do to help their child. Thankfully, we’ve been able to assist so many families in situations that are similar to yours and we hope that you will consider allowing us to help your family, too. Contact us today to learn more about our admissions and treatment processes.

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