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A Mental Health Residential Treatment Program for Teens 12-18


Uniquely situated within the natural beauty of New England, Ridge residential treatment centers in NH and Maine are specialized mental health programs designed for teens who require therapeutic assessment and enhanced support. Ridge RTC provides a supportive and caring environment for teens who need more intense care than they can receive at home, at school, or in a traditional residential setting. Our programming focuses on stabilizing, evaluating, and preparing teenagers for a happier and more productive life beyond the program. Contact us to learn more about Ridge RTC and how we can support your teen’s mental health journey.

ridge RTC program

Ridge RTC Program

Ridge RTC is an introductory treatment program for teens that focuses on therapy, structure, and increased supervision. Ridge RTC Program
healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

At Ridge RTC adolescents will learn effective coping strategies that will help them navigate challenges and make healthier choices. Healthy Lifestyle

Family Support

Families play a crucial role in helping teens achieve stabilization and recovery. Recognizing this, every Ridge family is assigned a dedicated Family Support Specialist, to guide them through the treatment process. Family Support
coping strategies

Coping Strategies

Help adolescents develop healthy coping strategies to manage stress, depression, and other challenges. Teen Development

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Our newest location! Ridge Lakehouse, in Maine now offers Short-Term Residential Treatment for Teens.

ridge rtc south china me
Residential Treatment for Teens
Residential Treatment for Teens
Residential Treatment for Teens

An Enhanced Support Program Tailored for Teens and Adolescents

At Ridge RTC, our primary goal is to address the specific needs of adolescents who require therapeutic intervention by providing a focused and structured program that prioritizes therapy and increased supervision. We understand that each adolescent we serve is unique and has unique challenges, which is why we offer specialized therapies and treatment activities tailored to their individual needs and strengths.

In addition to our therapeutic interventions, we emphasize creating a nurturing and positive environment at Ridge RTC. Our program is designed to immerse adolescents in healthy and positive lifestyle habits that they can carry forward beyond our program. We believe this approach helps cultivate independence in our clients, helping them develop skills and coping mechanisms to lead successful and healthy lives.

Ridge RTC offers a unique mental health residential program designed to provide increased support, structure, and therapy for adolescents and teens. Our program prioritizes therapeutic support and provides a nurturing and supportive environment for those who require more intensive care than they would receive at home or school.

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Expanding Access to Teen Mental Health Services

At Ridge RTC, we recognize the significance of a tailored residential program for teenagers with mental health needs. We are in-network with Optum and Magellan and also collaborate with top health insurance providers to help you and your family access the best possible adolescent mental healthcare. Here are some of the insurance providers we work with to ensure you receive high-quality and compassionate treatment:


Meet Our Expert Leadership Team

Kera Miller

Executive Director

Kendall Edkins

Ridge Program Director


Medical Director

A Reputable Residential Mental Health Program for Teens and Adolescents

Our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our clients is what truly sets us apart. This commitment has guided us to not only meet but surpass industry accreditation and licensing standards of care.

Ridge RTC program

At Ridge RTC, our programming aims to stabilize, assess, and prepare our clients for a fulfilling life beyond our program. We promote a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, exposure to nature, a balanced diet, community contributions, and accountability. Outdoor experiential activities are an essential component of our program, and we offer structured sessions in yoga, music, art, and other experiential modalities. We believe that providing more structure and less “free time” leads to better outcomes, so we focus on outdoor programming that utilizes the Shortridge trail network for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing, as well as the “Base Camp” location featuring other engaging experiential initiatives.

If you have any questions about Ridge RTC program for your teen or adolescent or are seeking more information, we’re here to help. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing support to families, and helping adolescents and teens thrive. In addition to Please feel free to give us a call or reach out to us via email if you have any questions or would like more information. We’re here to help you make an informed decision that is best for your family.

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