Who We Treat

Ridge RTC caters primarily to teens who face various mental health challenges, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, self-harm, dual diagnoses, and anger management issues. We understand that our young clients come from diverse backgrounds, with some having no prior experience with mental health professionals, while others may have tried multiple treatment options. As a result, we offer a wide range of programs designed to address the unique needs of each individual facing mental health challenges. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate and effective support to help our clients overcome their struggles and lead fulfilling lives.

Who Is a Good Fit for the Ridge?

Ridge RTC is designed to benefit adolescents and teens who require additional support, structure, and therapy. As a residential treatment center for teens, we offer high levels of supervision and minimize distractions.

Ridge RTC prioritizes therapeutic support and creates a nurturing environment for teens and adolescents who need more intensive care than what they can receive at home or school. By providing a safe and structured setting, Ridge RTC helps young people work through their challenges and develop the skills necessary for long-term well-being and success.

Our clients come from various backgrounds and geographical locations, and we acknowledge the intersecting identities of each individual. We understand that adolescence is a critical and transformative period in anyone’s life. Regardless of their differences, all our teens share a common need for enhanced care within a safe, nurturing, and effective environment. Our primary goal is to provide tailored support that addresses the unique experiences and challenges of each client, fostering personal growth and well-being.

Teens at Ridge RTC

Struggling teens need a nurturing environment where they can access support and guidance. Our programs for teens and adolescents go beyond merely helping them survive; they are designed to empower these individuals to thrive.

Teenagers and adolescents facing mental challenges require the right balance of treatment and therapy to improve their daily lives. Providing appropriate care increases the likelihood of successful recovery. The teenage years can be incredibly challenging, as young people face issues such as low self-esteem, social anxiety, difficulty making friends, family problems, and more. Often, they find it difficult to discuss their feelings and express their frustrations. As a result, troubled youth may exhibit negative behaviors as a coping mechanism.

A Healing Environment for Teen and Adolescents

At Ridge RTC, we strive to create an environment that encourages open communication and provides the necessary tools to help young people overcome their struggles, develop resilience, and ultimately lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

When a child or teenstruggles to address the underlying causes of their behavioral issues, they may continue to feel worse. However, with the assistance of a professional treatment program, these individuals can receive the support they require.

Young men and women grappling with mental challenges might not know how to communicate with their parents or other adults in their lives. Therapy can provide them with the tools and techniques needed to express themselves effectively. By participating in a tailored treatment program, they can achieve success in their recovery journey, enabling them to lead a mentally healthier and more fulfilling life.


Find Help at Ridge RTC

Professional treatment can empower a teen to live a happy and healthy life. It helps young individuals develop the confidence needed to keep moving forward, leading to a brighter future than they ever imagined possible! Treatment also aids in developing independent living skills and coping strategies for facing challenges that may arise. These life skills not only improve your child’s chances of successfully completing our treatment program but also ensure that your child or emerging adult thrives in the future! By nurturing resilience and fostering personal growth, we aim to create lasting positive change in the lives of young people under our care. Give us a call today to learn more about Ridge RTC.

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