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Welcome to Ridge RTC, a leading residential treatment facility for teens & adolescents in Milton, New Hampshire. We offer a peaceful and captivating setting for teenagers ages 14-18 who need support. Designed to embrace the region’s stunning natural beauty, Ridge RTC provides a tranquil environment that nurtures healing and personal development. Our second location, Ridge RTC Maine, is just two and a half hours away, allowing us the space to accommodate an even wider range of ages.

With picturesque landscapes and mountains surrounding us, our sanctuary-like oasis offers a much-needed break from the demands of daily life. At Ridge Rehab, you can experience a one-of-a-kind inpatient mental health treatment center for teens.

Teen Residential Treatment

What to Expect at Ridge RTC

Find freedom from mental illness through the residential program at The Ridge Rehab, the top treatment center in New Hampshire. We aim to stabilize, evaluate, and prepare teenagers for a happier and more productive life.

We prioritize a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, nature exposure, a balanced diet, community service, and accountability. Nestled in a serene 350-acre property in Milton, New Hampshire, our residential treatment center offers living spaces and individualized treatment. We can ensure your loved one will be well cared for with a 1-4 staff-to-student ratio and an alert overnight staff.

During treatment, we focus on outdoor experiential activities. These activities are enhanced by sessions led by instructors in yoga, music, art, and more. To ensure structure, we have introduced more outdoor programming utilizing existing trail networks for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing.

We are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to help your adolescent or teen thrive. Learn more about what we treat at Ridge RTC in Milton, NH, and experience the difference.

How Do Teens and Adolescents Benefit From Ridge RTC?

Specifically designed for adolescents, our residential treatment program offers unparalleled support, structure, and therapy. We understand that some individuals require more intensive care than what can be provided at home or school, which is why we prioritize therapeutic support and provide a nurturing environment.

Our specialized behavioral health and mental health facility is on an expansive 350-acre campus in Milton, NH. Designed specifically for adolescents in need of therapeutic assessment and extra support, Ridge RTC mental health treatment promotes a nurturing environment where teens and adolescents/young adults receive the intensive care they require.

Our patients’ dormitories feature shared bedrooms with three individuals per room, ensuring a sense of community. A shared bathroom equipped with two stalls and three showers ensures personal space is never compromised. Additionally, we have dining spaces, designated therapy spaces, and a secured medication storage area.

As a mental health center, we provide an array of experiential therapies they can participate in. From exploring the countryside to swimming in the rivers, we utilize the healing power of nature to help you overcome mental illness.

Our top priority is to provide residential care for teenagers as they learn the tools needed for a brighter and more fulfilling future. Don’t settle for less regarding your loved one’s well-being.

The Ridge Mental Health Treatment Center in Milton, NH

Ridge residential treatment centers provide a safe and supportive environment for teens with behavioral health and mental health issues. Our program is tailored to meet the needs of each teen and adolescent, providing individualized therapy and counseling, as well as group therapy and recreational opportunities.

We offer 24-hour supervision from dedicated licensed clinical staff who work to help teens reach their potential. Our New Hampshire treatment center also offers academic tutoring and vocational training to help teens prepare for the future.

If you or a loved one is looking at inpatient mental health facilities In New Hampshire, contact us today to learn more.

Teen Residential Treatment
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