Optum Behavioral Health for Teen Treatment

Great news! Ridge RTC now accepts Optum Behavioral Health insurance. If you have Optum therapy coverage and want your child to attend our residential treatment for teens, their treatment may be covered.

If you are choosing an insurance plan specifically to cover behavioral health treatment for your teen, learn how Optum’s full range of behavioral health solutions can help your teen become their best self physically and mentally.

Improving Behavioral Health at a Lower Cost Through Coordinated Care

optum behavioral healthOptum Behavioral Health works with state and local communities to coordinate better treatment and resources for teens with physical and behavioral health issues. their integrated care approach addresses both aspects of a person’s health to reduce inefficiencies and enhance overall outcomes.

An excellent example of Optum’s success can be seen in Tennessee, where Optum and UnitedHealthcare® Community Plan have joined forces since 2007 to create a patient-focused, multidisciplinary care model.

Optum’s program provides a comprehensive array of integrated care management and service delivery, including:

  • Member-centered integrated care management for seamless service coordination
  • A unified data system for managing all physical and behavioral health information
  • Comprehensive health assessments to enable early intervention and admission to a rehab to teenage depression, substance use, or other mental health issues
  • A 24/7 integrated call center to handle routine, urgent, and critical concerns, including crisis intervention
  • Interdisciplinary clinical rounds to address complex cases, coordinate care, and share best practices

The successful initiatives introduced by TennCare are now being replicated in other regions, ensuring that more medically complex Medicaid populations nationwide can access more effective and efficient integrated care.

Improving Jail Diversion and Crisis Programs

The U.S. criminal justice system deals with a significant number of teens with behavioral health conditions. This places a considerable burden on state finances.

However, Optum has shown that covering individuals with mental health and substance use disorders instead of incarcerating them, can lead to better health outcomes and save taxpayers’ money.

Optum has collaborated with Salt Lake County to establish the following services for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and facing potential incarceration:

  • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) – A team that provides on-site and rapid crisis intervention
  • Receiving Center – A safe and supportive space where nonviolent offenders can receive help during their crisis
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) – An innovative and comprehensive approach for those in most need, resulting in a 66% reduction in inpatient care costs and a 43% decline in overall healthcare spending since its implementation.

When combined with Salt Lake County’s Alternatives to Incarceration programs, which Optum also manages, these services have enhanced care coordination and made more efficient use of limited resources.

Crisis Services

At Ridge RTC, we offer comprehensive evaluations for teens that can often be covered by insurances like Optum. If you are having an emergency, please call 911. Once the emergency is resolved, give us a call and we can help.

Optum has collaborated with individuals, providers, hospitals, and local stakeholders to transform the region’s crisis system into a community-based, recovery-oriented response system.

This new system integrates peer support and a non-coercive approach to care.

  • The Recovery Response Center provides a welcoming environment where individuals can find solutions during crises, avoiding automatic hospitalization or involuntary detention.
  • The Recovery Response Line is a non-crisis phone service operated by individuals diagnosed with a mental illness, offering support before a crisis escalates.

As a result of these changes, outcomes have improved, resources are used more efficiently, and individuals with mental health conditions receive better support in their recovery efforts.

Peer support is a fundamental component of Optum’s recovery-focused approach to behavioral health. A peer is someone with several years of personal recovery experience who has been trained to assist teens struggling with mental health or substance use disorders.

They provide essential support, encouragement, and connections to community resources. Receiving assistance from those who have walked a similar path can reduce feelings of isolation and nurture hope.

Optum has played a vital role in integrating peer support services into public mental health systems in over 20 states. This integration has improved adherence to follow-up treatment, reduced unnecessary re-hospitalizations, and substantial cost savings for local governments.

Optum’s peer coaching and support services are designed to help individuals dealing with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders transition from hospitalization to community life. These services aim to build resilience and decrease the need for readmission.

We’ve developed and tested a peer support program in New York and Wisconsin to aid covered members transitioning from the hospital to the community. The results show that these services enhance the engagement and activation of covered members, ultimately improving their overall well-being.

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Proven Approaches to Behavioral Health

Optum supports Medicaid agencies in achieving their goals outlined in the CMS Triple Aim: reducing avoidable healthcare expenses, enhancing the patient experience, and attaining better health outcomes.

Theyt prioritize a holistic approach to health, integrating care to break down barriers between medical, behavioral, and social services. Additionally, by employing innovative services like peer support and crisis intervention, Optum empowers teens to pursue and accomplish lasting recovery on their own terms.

Optum Behavioral Health and Ridge RTC Working Together to Help Your Teen

At Ridge RTC, we understand the need for mental health treatment for teens. Our residential program for teens with mental health needs has helped teens develop positive coping strategies and make healthier choices.

We are excited to be working with Optum Behavioral Health. By accepting Optum therapy coverage, we can reach more teens struggling with mental and behavioral issues. Contact us today with any questions, to verify insurance coverage, or to set up a tour of our campus in southeast New Hampshire.

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